Rat Bait

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As we move into the cooler weather, we will do anything to escape the cold….. so do those pesky rodents! We all know how frustrating mice and rats can be, causing absolute chaos to our homes and property.

Unfortunately it can also be the case for our furry friends. They will eat it, despite what the packaging states. It is a condition to be taken seriously and early diagnosis and treatment may prove life-saving.

Dogs, cats and other animals can be affected by ingesting rat bait directly or by ingesting rodents that have ingested rat bait. There are two main types of rat bait:

- Ratblitz (active ingredient: Warfarin) have a short duration of action and require ingestion over a long period of time to be fatal.

- Talon and Ratsak (active ingredient: Brodifacoum) however, have a long duration of action and a single dose may be fatal.

Rat bait acts as an anticoagulant (prevents the blood from clotting) by depleting the body's supply of vitamin K. Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin which is essential in the formation of clotting agents in the blood stream. It can take between 1-5 days after ingestion before signs of intoxication can be seen, however medical treatment is required immediately to prevent the on-set effects of toxicity.

Symptoms of Rat Bait Ingestion can include:

• Pale gums or small pin point haemorrhages on the gums
• Lethargy
• Bruising under the skin
• Blood in the urine or faeces
• Bleeding from the nose
• Continued bleeding from small wounds or cuts

The effects of rat bait toxicity on a pet will depend on what rat bait was ingested, how long ago, and how much of the rodent was eaten. If you have witnessed your animal consume rat/mouse bait, or suspect consumption, contact the veterinarian immediately.

And don’t forget to bring that packaging so we know EXACTLY what your animal has consumed!

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