Desexing your Cats

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In the wise words of Salt-N-Pepa, “Let’s talk about sex, baby”.

It has been estimated that one breeding pair of cats could potentially lead to 420,000 offspring over 7 years. Though this number is probably wildly overestimated, we know that there are more kittens produced than people looking to give them homes. We also know that they can devastate local wildlife if left to roam outdoors.

Animal shelters are overwhelmed by their number and many healthy kittens are euthanased each year due to lack of capacity to house them.

Tom cats (undesexed males) and queens (undesexed females) display several undesirable traits. Toms are often smelly and will usually spray urine up vertical surfaces along with roaming the neighbourhood looking for love or a fight.

Queens will come into season from 6 months of age and will be very vocal and demanding and will sometimes begin to urinate or spray inside inappropriately. They will also attract any local Toms to your area.

This behaviour is repeated each season until she breeds or is desexed. If you suspect your female cat may be pregnant, then she probably is – cats know how to get it done!

A relatively simple day-procedure here at the clinic can put an end to all these woes.

Give us a call to discuss your options and book kitty’s place in the queue.

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